Friday, July 8 2016 12:23 EEST
Ukraine bans broadcasting of Russian TV channels
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These channels had been broadcasting ads, which weren’t adapted to requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting excluded nine Russian TV channels from the list of foreign programs allowed to be broadcasting in the territory of Ukraine. The decision was made at a meeting of the National Council yesterday.

The matter concerns the following Russian TV channels: Ulybka Rebenka (Child's Smile), Psikhologiya 21 (Psychology 21), Okhota i rybalka (Hunting and Fishing), Pravoslavnaya telekompaniya 'Soyuz' (Orthodox TV 'Soyuz'), Amazing Life, Look TV, Mini Movie, Nastoyashcheye Smeshnoye Televideniye (Real Funny Television) and Footschool TV.

The National Council’s members unanimously voted for the adoption of this decision.

According to the head of the regulator Yuriy Artemenko, these channels used to broadcast ads, which weren’t adapted to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. It was the main reason for the regulator’s decision.

In total, the broadcasting of 58 Russian channels has been limited in order to provide information security in Ukraine.

As reported earlier by, Kyiv city council renames Moskovsky Avenue into Bandera Avenue.

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