Thursday, July 7 2016 19:40 EEST
NATO lost confidence in Russia, Merkel warns
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Russia's actions in Ukraine and its violation of all the international agreements on the rule of law and the inviolability of borders have undermined the confidence of NATO in the Kremlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warns.

'If the justice of the law and the inviolability of borders are violated by actions and statements, this surely leads to a loss of confidence,' the politician said.

The statement was made on the eve of the NATO summit that is to take place in Warsaw on July 8-9. One of the main topics for discussion of the NATO’s representatives will be strengthening its presence in Eastern Europe. The alliance has already started to develop a strategy to counter Russian propaganda in the Baltic States.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. It said that it just followed the will of the residents. Later, it supported the war in the Donbass. The core argument for this action was protection of the rights of Russian citizens and the alleged protection of the interests of the locals.

The Kremlin has categorically denied presence of military personnel in the Donbass, although international experts and Ukrainian intelligence proved quite opposite facts.

As reported earlier by, Merkel makes important statement on prolongation of anti-Russian sanctions. 

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