Thursday, July 7 2016 16:00 EEST
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Petro Poroshenko: 'It is not a time for despair. It is a time for unity, responsibility and vision'
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Nowhere in Europe will you see as much faith in the EU as you do in Ukraine. We are too conscious of the alternatives.

MFA of Ukraine shared on Facebook

President of ‪‎Ukraine‬ Petro Poroshenko for POLITICO Europe:

'Ukraine chose the European path, and faced an unprovoked military aggression because of its European choice. We think Europe should stick together more strongly. There is no reason for selfishness or retreat. Europe needs resolute solidarity. Ukraine needs it no less than the Continent does. Territorial integrity and sovereignty must be respected across Europe.

EU integration for Ukraine means: more fairness and respect, less corruption and post-Soviet absurdity.

 We strongly believe that highlighting EU success stories like trade association agreements or visa liberalization for countries that have faith in Europe is the right reply to those who spread fear, despair and hatred in our common home.

‪Europe‬’s real strength is its ability to inspire change in others. It’s time for those who have faith in the European project to take the lead.

As reported earlier by, Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Børge Brende. 

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