Thursday, July 7 2016 14:15 EEST
NATO to discuss Ukraine with Russia
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The meeting of the NATO-Russian Council will be held on July 13 in Brussels.

The NATO-Russia Council will hold a meeting at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels on July 13. This was mentioned in a statement released on Wednesday on behalf of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

'The meeting of the NATO-Russia Council will be held at the ambassadorial level after the NATO summit in Warsaw,' - the document reads.

'Our discussions will be focused on the crisis in and around Ukraine, and on the need for full implementation of the Minsk agreements. We also will consider military activity and in particular focus on transparency and reduction of risks, as well as on the security in Afghanistan,' the statement notes.

The summit of the states’ heads and governmental representatives from 28 members of the alliance will be held in Warsaw on July 8-9. The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will attend the summit, and Ukraine will be the only non-member country at the meeting.

As reported earlier by, NATO activates support for Ukraine - Stoltenberg. 

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