Thursday, July 7 2016 13:10 EEST
Vladimir Putin becomes adviser of Khmelnytskyi’s mayor
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The namesake of the Russian president had been holding a private enterprise. Now he is to work in the Khmelnytskyi’s city hall on a voluntary basis.

The Mayor of Khmelnytskyi Alexander Simchishin appointed a local resident Vladimir Putin his adviser. His initials (Vladimir Putin) are identical to those of the notorious Russian president. However, Putin from Khmelnitskyi has another patronymic – Vasilievich instead of Vladimirovich.

44-year-old Putin is the founder of a private enterprise known as Non-State Security Service. This company is involved in private security, service security, investigations and other professional, technical and scientific activities.

According to local media reports, Putin will work in the Khmelnytskyi’s city hall on a voluntary basis. At the same time, none has mentioned why exactly the Russian President’s namesake who has his own company, will spend time on social activities in the city council.

By the way, Putin from Khmelnitskiy has three higher educations: the psychological, economic and legal one.

According to Vladimir Vasilievich, the surname of Putin doesn’t make any problems in his life and he has no intention to change it.

As reported earlier, Poroshenko agreed with Bulgaria for the first time in 15 years. 

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