Wednesday, July 6 2016 17:10 EEST
Batkivschina won’t stop blocking rostrum but is to send its representative to working group on tariffs
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Deputies of Radical Party and Batkivschina have been blocking the parliamentary rostrum since the very morning. Their aim is to draw attention to the main problems of the country.

BYuT’s deputy Dmitriy Krulko stressed that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman proposed to create a working group on gas prices. However, the BYuT’s deputies who are blocking the rostrum still have decided to send its representatives to the working group initiated by the PM but refused to stop blocking the Verkhovna Rada’s rostrum.

'There was an initiative of the Prime Minister. However, he will fulfill it. Batkivschina will send its representatives to the working group, but this won’t make us stop blocking the rostrum and requiring the adoption of laws. The laws are Important, they need to be approved,' people's deputy Krulko said.

Earlier, Volodymyr Groysman met the heads of the Verkhovna Rada’s factions and managed to reach an agreement on the creation of a working group for monitoring the gas prices.

Blocking of the parliamentary rostrum started yesterday when Batkivschina, People's Control and Radical Party along with other deputies blocked both the rostrum and the presidium. Their main aim is to reduce the tariffs and to create a commission for investigation of some politicians’ offshores.

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