Wednesday, July 6 2016 16:00 EEST
Thousands of people protest against increase of tariffs for utilities at Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv
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All Ukrainian march against increase of tariffs for public utilities has started in Kyiv. Cars have to stay in traffic jams. People went on the protest from several parks of the capital at once.

People gathered at the Shevchenko Park. The demonstrators are going to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with their requirements.

The protesters (about several thousands) have come from all the regions of Ukraine. All of them are outraged with the increase in gas prices and other utilities.

Due to this fact, they are demanding higher salaries of European level. According to the protesters, the minimum salary should be at least 3,067 UAH.

A lot of people say that according to the new tariffs, they have to pay up to 40% of their incomes for the utilities. The protesters have no idea what to do, so they have joined the All-Ukrainian protest.

Another group of protesters gathered in the Park of Glory and has already reached the Verkhovna Rada, where the parliamentary session started. Grushevskogo Street is blocked by the National Guard. Both groups are to join together near the Cabinet of Ministers, where all the protesters will demand cancellation of the new tariffs and higher salaries.

The new tariffs for gas came into effect in early May 2016. Prices for heating were doubled in July too. The cost of hot water was increased in early July.

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