Wednesday, July 6 2016 16:30 EEST
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FBI Director James B. Comey called Clinton and her staff 'extremely careless' in handling sensitive material
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FBI had uncovered thousands of her emails that hadn’t been turned over to the State Department

Carly Fiorina shared on Facebook

'Today, the FBI admitted that Hillary Clinton endangered the American people - and confirmed that the worst things any of us imagined about Hillary’s email server were true. FBI Director James Comey concluded that Clinton was 'extremely careless' in handling our nation’s secrets. He admitted that no reasonable person could have believed putting these emails on a private server was at all appropriate or acceptable.

James Comey also noted that 110 emails on the server were classified at the time they were sent - showing that Hillary not only lied, but knowingly endangered national security as Secretary of State. Hillary deleted work-related emails before turning them over to the State Department, despite her claims otherwise. And most shocking, Mr. Comey even admitted that it’s likely foreign governments hacked her emails - and that our adversaries could know critical secrets about the U.S. government because of Hillary’s actions.

But when you’re a Clinton, none of this matters. Not when you have the ear of the President, or you can call a secret airport meeting with the Attorney General. Not when you behave as if you’re above the law, and will never be held responsible for your actions.

The Obama Administration might be circling the wagons, and doing all they can to prop up their corrupt, incompetent, untrustworthy Democratic nominee - but the American people know better. And if our government won’t make her face consequences, voters will.'

According to Robert's Reich post, FBI Director James B. Comey says his agency will not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server as secretary of state. But he  noted that 'there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information.' Acknowledging that his recommendation will create 'intense public debate,' Comey said that in his judgment no reasonable prosecutor would bring such - and the ultimate decision will be left up to the Justice Department.

As reported earlier by, Robert Reich: ' Donald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton for her initial support of the TPP, alleging she’d sign it if she’s elected president'

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