Wednesday, July 6 2016 14:45 EEST
Regional Council of Lombardy is ready to recognize Crimea as part of Russia and to lift anti-Russian sanctions
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The Regional Council of Lombardy in Italy has voted for the recognition of Crimea as Russia’s territory and for the lifting of anti-Russian sanctions, local media report.

The resolution on 'recognition of the principle of self-determination of Crimea and lifting anti-Russian sanctions' was lobbied by the right party of eurosceptics known as Northern League. In addition, it was supported by Forza Italy, Brothers of Italy and the Five Star Movement.

The representatives of Civil Pact and Democratic Party were against this decision.

The resolution obliges the Council of Lombardy to interact with the Italian government to restore dialogue with the Russian Federation, to lobby lifting of the anti-Russian sanctions and to encourage all the Italian authorities to condemn the EU policy of non-recognition of Crimea’s annexation.

On June 29, a similar resolution was adopted by the Regional Council of Liguria. On May 18, a similar decision was approved by the Council of Veneto.

As reported earlier by, EU officially prolongs anti-Russian sanctions.

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