Wednesday, July 6 2016 14:10 EEST
Ukrainian soldiers capture sleeping DPR’s militants at Shirokino
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A new video has appeared in the Net and is now going viral. It shows interrogation of the self-proclaimed DPR’s militants captured by Ukrainian militaries at Shirokino.

Let’s introduce the video where AFU’s fighters are interrogating the separatists of the unrecognized republic. The militants are disclosing their names, surnames, patronymics, dates of birth, places of residence and places of service.

The members of the DPR terrorist organization reported their place of dislocation. It was the town of Leninskoye. 30 armed persons were located there.

'What army do you work for?' Ukrainian military asked one of the captured separatists.

'Well, sort of for the republic’s one,' he replied.

Furthermore, one of the militants says they were sleeping on their positions when the AFU’s fighters captured them.

Earlier, Dialog.UA wrote that the LDPR’s militants, which were captured by Ukrainian soldiers on June 27, had been preparing an offensive against the Ukrainian army near the village of Vodyanoye. It is reported by the ATO’s press center.

As reported earlier by, A Russian officer Alexander Bushuev was killed near the militant-occupied city of Donetsk. 

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