Tuesday, July 5 2016 18:45 EEST
Ex-Presidents and politicians of Poland in their letter of response asked the Ukrainians for forgiveness for tragic events of 1943 – 1944 in Western Ukraine
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Polish ex-Presidents and elite wrote a letter of response to the Ukrainians

112.international reports: 

'Ex-Presidents Lech Walesa (1990 – 1995), Aleksander Kwasniewski (1995 – 2005) and Bronislaw Komorowski (2010 – 2015) together with politicians, public leaders and culture activists forgave the Ukrainians for tragic events in Volyn region in Western Ukraine and asked for mutual forgiveness. The full text of the open letter was published on Liberte.pl.

This was a response to An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Polish Republic, Spiritual and Cultural Activists in Polish Society by former Ukrainian Presidents Presidents Leonid Kravchuk and Viktor Yushchenko, Patriarch Filaret, the Patriarch of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kyiv Patriarchy, and a number of prominent Ukrainian scientists and community activists, asking Poles to forgive Ukrainians for their historical faults.

'Threats are easier to endure together. We are filled with admiration for you and associate with you in your fight with the aggressor, occupying part of Ukrainian soil for more than two years, in its effort to stop implementation of your dreams to live in united Europe.'

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