Monday, July 4 2016 22:15 EEST
Petro Poroshenko emphasizes the necessity of developing the Naval Forces of Ukraine along with the Land and Air Forces
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Poroshenko: 'We must do everything possible to restore Navy of Ukraine'

'We should focus our efforts on systemic accumulation of naval potential of Ukraine that will ensure a reliable protection of seaports, coast, maritime communications and national interests of Ukraine at the sea,' the Head of State noted during festivities on the occasion of the Day of Naval Forces of Ukraine in Odesa.

According to Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine hasn’t paid much attention to the fleet. Only four ships have been completed in 25 years. As a result of Russian invasion in Crimea, our state has lost about 70% of its fleet. The majority of existing ships and boats are in need of repair and upgrading.

'I know all the problems of the fleet. Pursuant to my instruction, the inspection has examined the situation in the Naval Forces and is now elaborating profound propositions on the accumulation of military potential, creation of respective infrastructure and improvement of comprehensive maintenance of the Ukrainian fleet,' the Head of State said.

'Yes, our state is in very difficult conditions, but we must break the negative trend of previous years and do everything possible to revive the Naval Forces. Today is a starting point of real restructuring of the domestic fleet,' the President noted.

The Head of State presented two newly built armoured motor boats Berdiansk and Akkerman to the Naval Forces. These are the first armoured motor boats produced by Ukraine and equipped with surveillance and reconnaissance systems. They are capable of neutralizing overwater and air targets. 'It is symbolic that these boats are presented today and the names of seaports from the East and South West on their boards symbolize our national unity,' Petro Poroshenko stressed.

According to the President, these boats are not the last ones. 'It is only the beginning. The production of the next serial artillery boats has already been launched,' he said.

The President believes this will also give a boost to the development of national economy and coastal regions of Ukraine.

As reported earlier by, Separatist forces attacked the Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 69 times in the past 24 hours.

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