Monday, July 4 2016 19:50 EEST
Cabinet harshly responds to restriction of Ukrainian goods’ transition in Russia
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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine commented on further restriction of the transit of goods from the territory of Ukraine through Russia on the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order. It described this as another demonstration of Moscow's aggression towards Kiev.

The Cabinet of Ministers responded to the decree of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin according to which, the transit of Ukrainian goods in the territory of the Russian Federation is to undergo additional restrictions.

'Yesterday, on July 3, 2016, they made another step aimed at strengthening the trade war with the Russian Federation. In addition to the extension of the embargo on the import of Russian goods, including from the territory of Ukraine up to December 31, 2017, they revealed a presidential decree on further limitation of the transit of goods from the territory of Ukraine through the territory of the Russian Federation,' Ukraine’s government said.

From now on, the current restrictions on the transit towards the transit of goods to the Republic of Kazahastan are to apply to the transit to the Kyrgyz Republic.

In addition, the Kremlin has introduced a total ban on the transit of goods, which fall under the Russian Federation’s embargo, and the goods for which Russia use the import duties which are other than zero.

'This is a politically motivated act of the Russian Federation, which is another demonstration of Russian aggression towards Ukraine. The restrictions are another rude violation of international obligations of the Russian Federation, in particular, within the WTO and the Agreement on free trade zone from 18.10.2011,' the Cabinet added.

The government is preparing appropriate measures to be put into effect immediately.

The Cabinet emphasizes that Russia is violating international laws of the WTO and other international organizations.

'We demand the immediate cancellation of the restrictive measures introduced by the Russian Federation against Ukrainian export to other countries,' the government concluded.

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