Monday, July 4 2016 18:30 EEST
Revenge: Ukrainian fighter confirms death of Slipak's killer
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A soldier of one of the Ukrainian volunteer battalions Ihor Hreh told about the death of sniper Moryachok, who had killed Vasyl Slipak on June 29 in the Donbass. Slipak was an opera singer and a member of Right Sector that is banned in Russia.

According to a fighter from a volunteer battalion, the militants’ sniper was killed at night of July 4 'after three days of hard work that was performed by an unknown group without any markings.'

'Sleep well, my friend Meph (Slipak’s callsign),' Hreh added.

On July 1, the sniper with the call sign Moryachok told about the collision, where Slipak had been killed. According to the militant, his comrades at the checkpoint came under the machine-gun’s fire, so he decided to kill the shooter. Moryachok notes that he was hiding nearby and didn’t know who was conducting the shelling.

On June 30, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko posthumously awarded Slipak with the order 'For courage'. They had learned about the opera singer’s death in the Donbass the day before.

Slipak had been working as a soloist at the Paris Opera since 1997. The singer supported the protests of Euromaidan in the winter of 2013-2014. He joined fighting in eastern Ukraine in 2015 and used to act in the Ukrainian volunteer corps known as Right sector.

As reported earlier by, President Petro Poroshenko has awarded famous Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak Order for Courage.

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