Monday, July 4 2016 12:18 EEST
Canadian model undergoes plastic surgeries to become Angelina Jolie’s twin
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The Hollywood actress is the main standard of beauty for many people in the world. The girls just go crazy and use all the available means to look like Angelina.

An account of one more Angelina Jolie’s double is going viral in the Net.

Model Veronica Black is eager to look like the Hollywood actress. She has been going to plastic surgeons. They have increased Veronica’s lips, changed the shape of her cheekbones, and did some rhinoplasty. In addition, Black has decided to make her boobs bigger.

Jolie’s twin dreams of becoming one of the most popular models in the world. However, the girl still hasn’t received lots of offers for cooperation from any large companies. Well, the companies perhaps really are searching for unique appearance of models rather than another clone of the Hollywood actress.

But Black earns enough due to her account in a social network. However, she gets a lot of angry messages with various accusations of her imitating Angelina. But the girl prefers to ignore the negative impact from the social network’s users.

Now Veronica is going in for advertising of various cosmetics. She is dreaming of getting a role in a movie with her idol Angelina Jolie.

As reported earlier by, Angelina Jolie wants to leave Hollywood for a career in politics. 

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