Sunday, July 3 2016 14:04 EEST
Andriy Parubiy: 'Extension of sanctions is great victory for Ukrainian diplomacy'
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Ukraine wins information war with Russia, Parubiy said.

According to 112UA, Head of the Ukrainian Parliament Andriy Parubiy said that Ukraine won the information war with Russia. He said this in an interview with 'Apostroph.'

'Two years ago, the skeptics were convinced that the EU will never impose sanctions against Russia. A few months ago there was a huge debate and now, a few weeks before the decision, we understand that the sanctions will continue. And the media also needs to understand that if sanctions continue, it will be a great victory for Ukrainian diplomacy, against a much larger share of Russian diplomacy, which demonstrates the ability to convince European partners from different countries. I believe that Ukraine wins', the Head of the Parliament said.

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