Friday, July 1 2016 21:00 EEST
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Russia to rename and launch Dnepr missile without Ukraine
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Russia has explained great importance of these missiles.

Russia is to rename the carrier rocket Dnepr into Baikal and refuse from the participation of Ukraine in its launching.

'We can see that these carriers are of great demand at the market. We have orders for five launchings and great interest from our potential customers. However, some customers refuse from our services due to the moratorium. Thus, SkyBox handed over the orders to Indians, Europeans and Americans,' Cosmotrans company's CEO Aleksandr Serkin.

The Dnepr carriers of light class are non-combat modification of intercontinental ballistic missiles Voyevoda (PC-20B) produced in Ukraine in 1979-1984. The launching of the missiles’ conversion versions were attended by specialists from the Ukrainian enterprises of Pivdenmash and Hartron.

Following annexation of Crimea and battles in the east of Ukraine, Russia’s Defense Ministry decided that the visits of Ukrainian experts are undesirable and the launching program was frozen.

Russia has now only 11 missiles RS-20B, which can be used by 2020.

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