Friday, July 1 2016 13:30 EEST
AFU could release Debaltsevo by noon but left heights due to order
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Militants had been scaring the ATO’s forces with mortars and automatic control systems for a week before the start of active battles at Debaltsevo. They began the offensive on June 28. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) could respond with MICV only. However, later Ukrainian commanders gave permission for the equal response.

The volunteers who help the forces of ATO, say that AFU did not start any conflicts, but after days of continuous fighting, it became clear that they could go ahead in case of an order.

'We heard some very close roar of enemy equipment at about 02:00. And at 04:00 they started massive shelling with mortars, artillery, tanks and MICVs against our positions,' the volunteers explained.

The military managed to push the mercenaries back to their original positions and took two heights near Logvinovo.

'If our top management wasn’t so scared, AFU could release Debaltsevo by this noon due to the situation that has developed today on the Svetlodarsk arc. But we still have the Minsk agreements, so we got an order to leave these two heights,' activists write referring to the words of the military.

The ATO’s forces took weapons and documents from these positions. A lot of them are Russian ones. These two heights are beyond the control of both parties now.

13 soldiers were wounded and another one was killed while leaving the heights.

Shells flew over the ATO’s positions up to 22:00 on June 30, but the militants stopped firing after 23:00.

As reported earlier by, Unique pics of Russian Grads in occupied Donbass appear in Net. 

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