Thursday, June 30 2016 21:50 EEST
'Gas price for Ukraine is lower than in European trading floors', - Gazprom chairman
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Gazprom unveiled gas price for Ukraine reported:

'Russian gas company Gazprom unveiled gas price for Ukraine, reports NV. Company statedthat gas price for Ukraine in the III quarter will be $ 167.57. Russian side is ready to start supplies after receiving the payment.

'The price for Ukraine in the pricing formula under the contract 2009 amounts to $ 167.57 for the third quarter. We've maid preliminary bill for the Ukrainian company Naftogaz. To resumedelivery, Ukrainian side should only make a prepayment.', - Said chairman of the board of Gazprom Alexey Miller.

He added that Gazprom guaranteed gas supply in amount as much as Ukraine will pay.

Miller noted that 'the price of gas for Ukraine is lower than in the European trading floors in our contract and the purchase of Russian gas for Ukraine is profitable.'

In the second quarter, Russia offered a price of $ 177.

As reported earlier by, Russia promises 'good' gas prices for Ukraine. 

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