Thursday, June 30 2016 19:10 EEST
'Russia won’t see me alive, your propaganda has gone the limits!' – Rammstein’s leader
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Russian propagandists have been involved in a great international scandal: Rammstein’s vocalist Till Lindemann hired prominent lawyers to file a case against the authors of fake pics where he was depicted in a T-shirt and a phone with Putin's portrait.

The photo of Till Lindemann in the black T-shirt with a portrait of Putin on it became viral in the Net. The singer is embarrassed with the unscrupulousness of Russian propaganda: he tries to persuade that the photos are fake and requires the refutation. According to the rocker, the original images were changed in a graphic editor. Originally, Lindemann’s T-shirt depicted a skull and crossbones. By the way, the widespread photo was made on June, 19, at a concert of the legendary band in Moscow.

Moreover, Lindemann denies the statement he allegedly made. It says that even German Angela Merkel cannot boast of being as popular as Putin.

'I like him, he is a strong leader, not a puppet. I think all these political attacks on your country are unfair,' Russian media wrote.

Lindemann says he has never made this statement. He is absolutely apolitical, although answering the question of the Russian promoter about Moscow he said that he liked the city. According to the singer’s press service, there were no more interviews or conversations with journalists.

Lindemann has hired lawyers due to the publication of the photos and fake statements. He also stressed that he 'doesn’t make any political statements in principle.' The musician says he is not ready to return to the country that distorts the truth, but he feels sorry about the Russian fans, which won’t be able to see him alive. 

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