Thursday, June 30 2016 16:40 EEST
'I will kill you and your whole family' - Jeff Monson to Obama
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Former mixed martial artist Jeffrey Monson copied the LPR’s terrorists and made a pic at their checkpoint holding a gun on a background of a board with the words 'F**k you Obama.'

On Monday, the US-born mixed martial artist Jeff Monson visited Luhansk occupied by pro-Russian militants.

'The main aim of my visit here is to see the things with my own eyes,' Jeff Monson said giving an interview to a Russian reporter.

Being on the territory held by the LPR’s militants, Monson made his way toward Ukrainian checkpoint. However, the LPR’s militants blocked his way and turned him back saying that Ukrainian soldiers can capture the American and won’t let him go 'despite the US passport.'

Monson took a gun at a checkpoint of the LPR’s militants. He posed with it at a board with the words 'F**k you Obama' for a photo and claimed that he shared the LPR’s views and didn’t consider them to be terrorists and separatists.

Last month, Monson said he was eager to join Russian army.

'Russia is my home now,' he said. 'I'm ready to defend it, and if there is any sudden military conflict with Russia’s involvement, I’ll be ready to join the ranks of the army.'

Russian propagandists describe America as their main enemy. Thus, one can be absolutely sure that Monson is ready to protect Russia with arms and act against his former native country.

When taking the gun and posing with the terrorists who had killed millions of Ukrainians, former American athlete expressed his readiness to kill Obama and other US citizens.

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