Thursday, June 30 2016 14:45 EEST
Putin prolongs 'food sanctions': Russia to do away foreign food up to fall of 2017
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Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that is to prolong the so-called food sanctions for another year.

The corresponding document was revealed by a legal information portal.

Thus, the measures will remain in force for another year up to the August of 2017.

'The effect of certain special economic measures provided by the decree 'On the application of certain special economic measures in order to ensure the security of the Russian Federation' and extended by the presidential decree from June 24, 2015, should be extended from August, 6, 2016 to August, 31, 2017,' the decree reads.

A number of Western governments have decided to introduce anti-Russian sanctions in 2014. These measures turned out to be the result of the Kremlin’s actions - Russian army had occupied the territory of Crimea and annexed the peninsula.

In addition, the Russian Federation is one of the negotiating parties in Minsk. The negotiations are aimed at peaceful settlement of the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The EU doesn’t intend to lift the sanctions until the full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Later, the Kremlin’s government decided to introduce a series of retaliatory sanctions. According to the above-mentioned decree, a significant part of food (and alcohol) produced in the regions, which supported anti-Russian measures should be physically destroyed.

European fruits, pastries, cheese, and other products turned out to be under the tracks of liquidators and in garbage cans.

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