Wednesday, June 29 2016 22:40 EEST
UK may stay in EU John Kerry says
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The US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union may not reach any reality as London is not in a hurry to leave the EU.

During his speech that was made a day after the talks with David Cameron, John Kerry claimed that the Prime Minister wasn’t able to talk about Brexit as he really had no wish for it himself.

'The parting is very hard,' Kerry said at Downing Street on Monday. According to him, the British politician doesn’t want to put in action the 50-th article of the Lisbon treaty that will start the process of leaving the EU.

The American politician says that Cameron feels powerless. In his opinion, this is quite logical, because the PM shouldn’t participate in the negotiations, which he doesn’t trust and doesn’t understand how to lead. He also said that even those governmental officials, who voted for the withdrawal from the EU, don’t know how to implement these plans.

When asked whether the United Kingdom will be able to avoid Brexit, Kerry said that there are several ways for this.

In general, the US officials have called for the settlement of Brexit in such way that there will be a chance to preserve close relations between London and Brussels. However, some European leaders insist that Cameron should urgently activate the 50th article and start negotiations on the exit.

As reported earlier by, Garry Kasparov: 'I hope Brexit is a wake-up call for Europe and America and not only more inspiration for other agents of chaos.'

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