Wednesday, June 29 2016 21:20 EEST
World-famous opera singer Vasiliy Slipak killed near Donetsk
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Well-known opera singer Vasiliy Slipak was killed at 06:00 on June 29. He left to the ATO as a volunteer after 19 years in France exchanging his career in the Paris Opera for an armor vest and a helmet.

Vasiliy Slipak got the call sign 'Meph' and fought in the 7th Battalion of the Volunteer Corps of Ukraine.

The information about the death of a famous fighter was confirmed by the editor of Yurii Butusov. It is known that the volunteer was killed near Donetsk.

'He took the pseudonym Meph. It’s a shortened form for Mephistopheles from the opera of Faust. He was not a professional warrior, he was a singer,' Butusov writes.

Ukrainian volunteers have confirmed information on the death of the opera singer too.

As reported earlier by, Unique pics of Russian Grads in occupied Donbass appear in Net.

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