Wednesday, June 29 2016 20:10 EEST
Istanbul airport explosions: Ukrainian woman dies of injuries and great blood loss
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The deceased citizen of Ukraine flew with her husband. According to some reports, there is another injured Ukrainian. The information still is being verified.

The deceased Ukrainian woman’s name is Larisa Tsepakova, 1960 year of birth. She was in the international airport of Istanbul, where the explosions happened on June, 28.

'A woman got a fragment in her leg and it was impossible to save her due to too great blood loss, she died,' said the Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul Vasiliy Bodnar.

According to the diplomat, the searches for Ukrainian citizens among the victims is going on, some information about another Ukrainian who may have been injured is being verified.

Diplomats are checking the hospitals and the victims who were brought to the doctors after the explosions.

The work of the airport of Istanbul is suspended until 19:00 of June 29. Security measures have been strengthened.

Earlier, it was reported that in the evening of June, 28 three explosions hit the international terminal at Istanbul's Ataturk airport.

According to the latest data, 36 people died and more than 147 others got injures. Some media have written about 50 dead.

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