Wednesday, June 29 2016 17:15 EEST
Groysman tells about Ukraine’s economic shocks in 2017
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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the main macroeconomic indicators, which will be the basis of the state budget for the next year. Moreover, it introduced a number of financial measures for economic development.

The main financial plan of Ukraine for 2017 is expected to be the economic growth of the country. It’ll be raised by about 2% in comparison to 2016. As a result, according to the Cabinet’s info, the country’s GDP will increase by 3% to $ 77.5 billion. Inflation won’t be more than 8.1%.

The state budget deficit and the size of the government’s debt will be reduced next year too. They are to be fixed at the levels of 3% and 66% of GDP respectively. However, one shouldn’t expect any decline in exchange rates. The Cabinet predicts the dollar to be at the level of 27.2 UAH per dollar (24.3 UAH per dollar now.)

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, the government’s going to take a number of financial measures for economic development in 2017. Ukrainian agricultural sector can count on the state’s support. They also will create the Regional Development Fund and the Road Fund. In addition, the government plans to modernize the housing and communal services of the country. The changes will affect the tax agencies. The tax police will turn into the service of financial investigations.

As reported earlier by, Ukrainian side will be able to participate in scientific researches of Euratom.

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