Wednesday, June 29 2016 16:40 EEST
Robert Reich: ' Donald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton for her initial support of the TPP, alleging she’d sign it if she’s elected president'
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Trump will get more ammunition if the Democratic National Committee approves the platform draft.

According to Robert Reich, The Democratic National Convention Drafting Committee has approved a draft of the Democratic platform – which now goes before the entire platform committee. The draft opposes the death penalty (which Clinton supports under certain circumstances); opposes fracking; and supports a $15 minimum wage, a carbon tax, legislation similar to the Glass-Steagall Wall Street reform Act, expanded Social Security, improving the nation's infrastructure, a multi-millionaire surtax, and an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for childless workers.

All well and good.

But the Clinton majority on the committee outvoted the Sanders delegates 10-5 on the Trans Pacific Partnership - rejecting language specifically opposing the deal. Instead, the majority substituted generic language urging that trade deals protect workers’ rights and the environment, and asserting that Democrats are divided on trade. (Not quite true. A year ago, 85 percent of House Democrats voted against a fast track on the TPP).

If enacted, the TPP would make a mockery of much of the rest of the putative Democratic platform. For example, there’s no way the U.S. can achieve adequate fossil-fuel reduction when the TPP gives fossil-fuel companies the right to sue any partner nation whose higher environmental standards threaten their future profits (just a few days ago, Trans Canada sued the United States for $15 billion, based on NAFTA provisions, arguing that the United States was in violation of the rules and now owed it for future lost profits).

The TPP would also cost American jobs.

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