Wednesday, June 29 2016 13:00 EEST
Russian and American ships perform dangerous maneuvers in Mediterranean Sea
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The US Department of Defense has accused Russian sailors of the fact that they were performing extremely dangerous maneuvers in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the representative of the Pentagon, a Russian warship performed dangerous maneuvers near two ships of the United States Navy on June 17.

The Neustrashimy-class frigate passed near the US missile destroyer Greyvli at a dangerous distance. The distance was 290 meters. The US aircraft carrier Harry Truman was located just 9 km away from the place of incident.

Moscow and Washington are discussing the incident now.

The Russian Ministry of Defense say that it was the American Greyvli that reached the Russian guard ship Yaroslav Mudriy at a distance of 60-70 meters and crossed its course.

Russia claims that their ship didn’t perform any dangerous maneuvers and provides a video for its statement.

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