Monday, June 27 2016 18:36 EEST
Brexit shouldn’t affect reforms and visa-free regime with Ukraine - Klimkin
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According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, Brexit is just to delay the matter of a visa-free regime for our country for a few weeks.

He believes that a referendum on Britain’s withdrawal from the eurozone won’t essentially affect the EU’s policy in relation to Ukraine. Thus, the European Parliament had to provide development of migratory risk management, but due to Brexit this matter has been delayed for some time.

The matter has nothing to do with any transfer of the visa-free regime for Ukraine. Moreover, key reforms and an agreement on Ukraine's Association with the European Union will go on according to the plan and there are no threats for disruption of the deals.

In addition, Klimkin said that he expected quite different results of the referendum in the UK.

As reported earlier by, Economic development the main task of the government, so that young people have not leave the Ukraine - Groysman. 

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