Monday, June 27 2016 17:15 EEST
Henichesk chokes with tourist apocalypse and sends heartfelt greetings to Crimea
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The resort town of Kherson region is flooded by tourists. A lot of people have stopped going to the Crimean peninsula after the accession of the "Russian world" there. They prefer to relax in Henichesk and other cities of Ukraine.

Real tourist boom occurred in Henichesk last weekend - the city’s beaches which are located on the shore of the Azov Sea are overcrowded, there are enormous traffic jams on the roads, and the shops just don’t have time to fill the shelves with provisions and other essential commodities.

The Arabat Arrow watched columns of cars – just like it used to be before the annexation of Crimea. A parking near the city’s supermarket was full of cars.

In addition, a lot of tourists are going to Henichesk by train. A train from Dnipro to Henichesk could not admit all the people yesterday. Near-Dnipro Railway has ordered to introduce an additional train.

'June 26, 2016, Henichesk. It’s difficult to drive in the city, lots of traffic jams. There are just incredibly lots of tourists. I’ve never seen so many holiday-makers in June. So, I’d like to say hello to 'Krymnash', we are fine, hold on!' Henichesk’s residents write in social networks.

'Pals, we are watching real tourist apocalypse! The beaches are full, there are traffic jams, they take everything in the shops, we have no time to fill the shelves!' the residents mention in Twitter.

According to Dialog UA, webcams of Koktebel, Alushta, Sudak, Gurzuf shot deserted beaches of Crimea. These resort areas never were so empty at this time of the year before the peninsula’s annexation.

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