Monday, June 27 2016 13:10 EEST
I hope Brexit won’t influence anti-Russian sanctions - Poroshenko
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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko mentioned his disappointment with results of Britain’s referendum on EU membership and expressed hope that Brexit is not to influence current anti-Russian sanctions.

He wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

Poroshenko expects that Brexit won’t influence the anti-Russian sanctions.

'I hope that the sanctions against aggressive Russia will be prolonged,' he stressed.

Poroshenko hopes that despite Brexit, the UK will remain a part of 'united Europe.'

'Pity, but we still have our tasks to do. I believe that despite the referendum’s results, Britain will remain in united Europe to protect common European values,' Poroshenko noted.

According to the president of Ukraine, the EU should now 'find a way to the eurosceptics’ hearts in order not to give the opponents of the European integration’s project and their generous sponsors any chance.'

According to the results of the referendum, 51.9% of all the voters are for Brexit, while 48.1% are eager to remain a part of the EU.

As reported earlier by, Not less than USD 337,857,000 shall be made available for U.S. assistance for Ukraine. 

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