Monday, June 27 2016 12:25 EEST
EU is dying: Britain expect referendum on EU membership in four countries
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The UK Independence Party’s leader Nigel Farage, who has conducted his own campaign for Brexit, expects a referendum on EU membership to be held in four other countries.

'We can expect that the people of Denmark would like to leave the EU. The situation in Sweden, Austria and perhaps Italy could be the same. The EU is dying, but we were first who left the walls. It is necessary for the countries to be sovereign to trade with each other, but we need no common presidents,' Farage says.

British eurosceptics have won a referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. After all the calculations it turned out that the Brexit’s supporters gained 51.8% of all the votes.

The final result still is unknown but more than 16.7 million people have already voted for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. This is enough to summarize the results of the referendum.

As reported earlier by, George Soros pedicts that the British decision to leave the EU will lead to collapse of European Union. 

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