Sunday, June 26 2016 18:00 EEST
George Soros pedicts that the British decision to leave the EU will lead to collapse of European Union
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He believes that EU ceased to meet needs of its citizens.

American financier George Soros said that the British decision to leave the EU on the results of the referendum means 'practically irreversible disintegration of the EU.' About this he wrote in his comments about Brexit on the Project Syndicate website, reports. 

In this case the financier said that Brexit will harm the country itself.

'Britain eventually may be relatively better than other countries at the exit from the EU, but its economy and population will suffer greatly in a period from short to the medium term', - Soros wrote.

Soros also predicted the collapse in the UK and European markets, including the real estate market.

In addition, Soros admits that Scotland will make another attempt to gain independence and stay in the EU, and Northern Ireland will unite with the Republic of Ireland.

As reported earlier by, UK withdrawal may weaken EU, Vice-Prime Minister on European integration says. 

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