Sunday, June 26 2016 15:02 EEST
The petition to hold the second referendum in the UK collected over million signatures
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For consideration by Parliament it is necessary to receive 10 times less votes - 100 thousand.

The petition to hold the second referendum in the UK regarding exit from the European Union on the website of the British Parliament as of 14:00 gained more than 1.1 million signatures. The text of the initiative is available on the website, reports.

The petition calls on the government to apply the rule according to which should be held another referendum, since on June 23rd for an exit from the EU have voted less than 60% of voters with a turnout of less than 75%.

The British Parliament takes into consideration all the petitions which gathered at least 100 thousand signatures.

As reported earlier by, Putin: Kremlin has nothing to do with the results of UK referendum on EU membership.

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