Saturday, June 25 2016 14:49 EEST
Putin: Kremlin has nothing to do with the results of UK referendum on EU membership
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Many experts believe that Kremlin financed 'right wing' of EU to multiply mood of euroscepticism.

According to, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Kremlin has nothing to do with the results of a referendum in the United Kingdom regarding the country's membership in the European Union. So he replied to the statement of the British Prime Minister David Cameron 'Will Putin be happy' from Brexit.

According to Putin, the comments about Russia’s influence is a flawed attempt to affect the public opinion in the UK.

'I think this is nothing more than a flawed attempt to influence public opinion in their own country. As we see, this did not have the right result. Even more, nobody has the right to declare any Russian position after the referendum. This is nothing but a manifestation of the low level of political culture', Putin said.

Russian President says that Russia has never interfered with the voting process to withdraw the UK from the European Union.

'In my opinion, we behaved very well, closely followed what was going on, but did not influence the process, and did not even try to do it', Putin stressed.

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