Friday, June 24 2016 21:15 EEST
Brexit is an optimistic event for Putin – British Foreign Minister
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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will feel 'a little less pressure' after a referendum on British withdrawal from the EU, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond says.

'As a result, Putin will feel a little more optimistic about the prospects for easing the European Union’s sanctions,' Hammond said.

According to Hammond, Britain's decision to withdraw from the EU means that the country’s voice 'now is to sound like the voice of a half-outsider when making any future deals.'

He is sure that Britain cannot rely on the same amount of voices, like it used to be before the referendum.

'I believe that economic indicators won’t be as good, as they used to after we leave the European Union,' he added.

As reported earlier by, France is looking for Russian killer of British fan: He can be linked to security forces.

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