Friday, June 24 2016 18:20 EEST
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Unique tiny crocodiles born in Kharkiv zoo
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The babies still are tiny and weigh only 150 grams. The zoo is extremely happy for the birth of the little crocodiles, because these animals rarely breed in captivity.

'This is the first case of the Nile crocodile’s breeding in zoos of the post-Soviet space. These animals usually go out of water, make nests on land and lay eggs. However, zoos cannot provide natural conditions, thus the crocodiles often throw their eggs into water, where they just die due to the impossibility to survive in water environment,' the zoo keepers explained.

The zoo workers managed to save several eggs, put them in an incubator, where the little crocodiles appeared. The eggs were placed under artificial conditions for 80 days.

Later, the newborn babies gnawed their way through the shells. They are feeling well and weigh 150 grams.

Their parents’ names are Jema and Senya. Their fate is a real drama.

'Senya was brought to the zoo by his former owners. They took him when he was little crocodile and he grew up in an aquarium. Later the aquarium became too tight for him, but the owners did not pay much attention to it, so the poor animal got a twisted jaw and is to stay snub-nosed for the rest of his life,' the zoo says.

The young father is fed only through tweezers, he cannot take the food himself. The crocodiles were placed in a terrarium. And later, several cute and cheerful little crocodiles appeared.

The family of the Nile crocodiles will leave for a bigger room after the reconstruction of the zoo.

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