Friday, June 24 2016 14:20 EEST
Getting more and more insane: Russian Ministry of Defense accuses Ukraine of cooperation with Daesh
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The Russian defense ministry tries to present Daesh militants and Ukrainian media as friends.

Kiselev and Solovyov’s fame seems to keep the military department of the Russian Federation uncomfortable. The glorious Russian army’s representatives have been telling so strange things that one can do just nothing but doubt whether such a serious and powerful establishment really means this.

The Russian Defense Ministry dismissed reports about the deaths of its soldiers in Syria and posted some really unique statements on its official page in Facebook.

'All the soldiers, whose pictures were published by the terrorist group of Daesh and their Ukrainian "friends" and London's Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, are alive. They are now at disposal of their units,' Russia’s Defense Ministry quotes its official representative Major General Igor Konashenkov as saying.

According to the general, the pictures were obtained from the phone stolen in Russia.

'The only question that arises here is: in what way did these pictures appear on the website of Daesh and in possession of Ukrainian propagandists almost simultaneously,' Konashenkov said.

According to him, the Ukrainian mass media don’t just make friends with the militants of Daesh, but also have so sophisticated agents in Russia that they can easily steal phones with pictures of soldiers and even publish them at the same time with the media of radical Islamists.

Konashenkov didn’t say a word about the fact that in addition to Ukrainian and Daesh media, other countries including Russia wrote about the Russian soldiers killed in Syria too.

By the way, last November the ex-People's Deputy from the Party of Regions Iryna Berezhnaya, known for her biased ideas about the events in the Donbass, described Ukraine as UkroISIS.

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