Thursday, June 23 2016 17:50 EEST
New Cold War is possible in case of US missiles’ deployment in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe - Russian State Duma
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The State Duma of the Russian Federation sent a statement about possible start of a new Cold War to PACE, NATO, OSCE and the parliaments of the Balkan states.

Russia believes that all the parties should start a dialogue about the deployment of the US air defense in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in connection with the NATO’s extension policy. The Russians think that the project is fraught with the start of absence of diplomatic relations, and not the building of the defensive line.

Russia allegedly offers to join the efforts and calls for negotiations to warn the dangerous trends, which could lead to a military conflict.

In particular, the Russian Federation isn’t satisfied with the US deployment of missile defense systems in Romania and Poland. In its opinion this could play an offensive role on Russia’s borders.

In addition, Russia is afraid of Montenegro’s joining NATO, as this is a reason for a new conflict.

As reported earlier by, Putin described annexation of Crimea as legal integration and point of pride for State Duma.

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