Wednesday, June 22 2016 21:00 EEST
'I'm still the most ideal politician in Ukraine and have the greatest chance to win presidential elections' – Savchenko
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Nadiya Savchenko is sure that she would get the unconditional victory if there were presidential elections in Ukraine right now. The people’s deputy and PACE’s member thinks that her chances to win the presidential elections in Ukraine are ideal now.

'As for the short terms, then, of course, it’ll be the hundred-per-cent victory, but if one looks at this from the point of long terms, then, 'we’ll see' as Odessa says,' Savchenko says.

As for the very possibility to take part in the elections, Nadiya Savchenko said that she would participate there if only the people of Ukraine wanted her to do so.

'If the people say 'you must', I’ll say ' Yes, sure'. If the people say, I will go to elections,' Savchenko said. She noted that she had no fear while speaking about the participation in the presidential elections.

Moreover, Savchenko says that she still has no disadvantages as a politician, since her work on the big political arena started only three weeks ago after the release from a Russian jail.

'Unlike other politicians, I have not had time to earn any bad reputation and I still have no disadvantages, I haven’t worked in politics that much,' Savchenko claimed.

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