Wednesday, June 22 2016 20:15 EEST
Savchenko on military assistance to Ukraine: 'Everything can finish with Third World War'
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Western military assistance to Ukraine can lead to the start of the Third World War, Batkivschina’s deputy Nadiya Savchenko says in the interview with Voice of America.

According to her, everything depends on the determination of Western partners of Ukraine. However, it’s necessary to apply sanctions first of all.

'Any military assistance can lead the world to the Third World War. If we consider the current situation it should be consistent assistance. Firstly, this is the political and economic assistance due to anti-Russian sanctions, because Russia has to understand that it acted in a wrong way and one shouldn’t act like that in the modern world,' Savchenko said.

According to her, it is necessary to apply personal sanctions, so that Russian people could suffer as little as possible because unlike the government, they really feel the effects of the Western actions.

As reported earlier by, over the past 24 hours the enemy has violated the ceasefire for 28 times

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