Wednesday, June 22 2016 19:45 EEST
USA vs Russia - Cold War’s coming back ?
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In July, the US Senate is to consider a bill on establishment of special services that would resist Russian intelligence.

The initiative to create a special group to resist Russian intelligence belongs to the United States Committee on Intelligence. The structure of the Special Forces’ team will include representatives of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research and military officials of different profiles. The service was active during the times of the Iron Curtain, and its experience is to be taken as a basis by the new special group.

The bill that was proposed to the Senate for consideration, reads that the task of the group will be to identify Moscow’s spies, to reveal crimes committed on the orders of Russian government and to block Russian propaganda. The FBI team will track movements of Russian governmental officials outside the Russian Federation. Special services will control Russian diplomats’ routes too.

As reported earlier by, Kremlin violated agreement between NATO and Russia with illegal annexation of Crimea and provocation for war in Donbass – NATO’s Secretary General

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