Wednesday, June 22 2016 16:45 EEST
Ukrainians mark the Day of Mourning and Honor of Victims in the Second World War
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June 22, 1941, marks the beginning of the Soviet-Nazi war; Ukraine lost about 10 million people in the conflict.

To Ukraine, this is a special date, as it was June 22, 1941, when Hitlerites attacked Ukraine both by land and from the air. On the same day, early in the morning, Nazi aircraft dropped bombs on Kyiv.

The casualties in the war were enormous on both sides. The Soviet Red Army alone lost over 6 million people who were killed or died of wounds. About half a million died of diseases, were executed or lost their lives in accidents. 4.5 million more were captured or gone missing. By and large, the USSR lost about 26 million people in that war. 10 million of those were Ukrainians – both military men and civilians.

The Day of Mourning and Honor of Victims in the Second World War is marked in Ukraine annually since 2000.

In the frameworks of the common solemn ceremony taken on this occasion, top Ukrainian officials will lay flowers to the Grave of the Unnamed Soldier.  

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