Wednesday, June 22 2016 18:15 EEST
Robert Reich:'Hillary Clinton’s economic speech today was mostly an attack on Donald Trump’s economics'
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'He’d take us back to where we were before the Wall Street crisis and 'rig the economy for Wall Street again'.

Robert Reich reflects upon the issue of Presidential election on Facebook:

'Attacking Trump is like shooting fish in a barrel. He has no coherent economic ideas at all – and what he has are basically right-wing talking points, along with a giant tax cut for the wealthy.

But, importantly, Hillary Clinton also previewed what’s likely to be the economic populist message she plans to give tomorrow – saying 'we should renegotiate trade deals that aren’t working for Americans and reject any agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership that don’t meet my high bar for wages and creating good-paying jobs,' and that she wants to expand Social Security rather than cut it, allow students to graduate college without debt, and tighten regulations on Wall Street.

The interesting question is how far she’ll go with these and other 'Bernie-lite' ideas. Will she be bolder, attempting to capture more Bernie voters who now are less than enthusiastic about her? Or will she figure they have no choice, and that her basic strategy should be to move right to capture the putative middle?'

As reported earlier by, American charged for 'attempting to kill' Donald Trump. 

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