Wednesday, June 22 2016 14:50 EEST
There will be no peace in Donbass - Chekalkin
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There are no options for a peaceful outcome of a conflict in the east of Ukraine in the nearest future even in the case of alleged introduction of the OSCE’s armed forces or the most optimistic scenarios, blogger Dmitry Chekalkin writes.

Examples: the 27-year conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, which soon will become subject to a new round of negotiations, or Yugoslavia, where the conflict did not stop after a long time, in spite of the intervention of NATO, bombing and the airspace’s closure.

One should always remember that it’s too tough for Russia to trample down Ukraine with its current resources. Taking into consideration the resources NATO spent on small Serbia, we can be broken only from the inside. The country with a population of forty million, a powerful army and air defense can simply get tired of the too long and unsuccessful conflict that really eats a lion's share of the state budget, the constant information war and disappointment in the actions of its own government.

That's what the enemy wants. The enemy, whose number one weapon is a massive information war. The enemy, who hopes to use it to watch a pre-term change of government that will gladly make concessions on Crimean issue. Thus, the question is limited only by long-suffering: who will bear this situation? Who will last longer? At least the only one day longer.

As reported earlier by 1492news, Poroshenko explains terms for adoption of special status for Donbass.

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