Wednesday, June 22 2016 13:10 EEST
Assad’s troops defeated: Daesh’s terrorists go into mass offensive and break front at Raqqa
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Bashar al-Assad’s attack force supported by Russian troops and the militants of Hezbollah was almost completely defeated at Raqqa.

This was mentioned in a blog of Russian war reporter Roman Saponkov, who was at the scene.

'In general, the situation is ambiguous. Don’t know how to write in order not to make Syrian comrades angry, but Daesh started an attack at about 19:00 yesterday (two hours after I left that place). Desert Falcons private military company left the positions the day before. After that, the front broke and the Syrian army pulled back to 15-20 km from the junction of Tabka-Deir ez-Zor. This is the province of Aleppo, 2-3 km to Raqqa...' the reporter writes.

He also reported that the defeat of the governmental troops continued at night. Daesh attacked the checkpoint of the SyriaTel Tower and exploded up to a dozen of cars. Every explosion destroyed one checkpoint with 50-100 soldiers. According to preliminary calculations, several hundred soldiers of Assad were killed. In addition, it was reported about a hole 2-3 kilometers deep, where about a thousand people were caught.

'At the moment the group just has ceased to exist as an attack force. They are trying to keep the front at the checkpoint of the SyriaTel tower, but the forecasts are extremely pessimistic. I won’t disclose the details, as I am read on the other side. The enemy continues its pressing with bombers and shelling with artillery from the very morning,' Saponkov wrote.

He also reports an attack in Palmyra, which was synchronized with the offensive of Daesh in Raqqa. According to some reports, Assad's troops have lost several positions in the region.

'We were witnessing the militants’ tank shelling the road to Aleppo on our way to Asria. We were shelled with small arms on our way back again. Thus, perhaps, there will be problems in that place..' the reporter concluded.

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