Tuesday, June 21 2016 23:10 EEST
France is on fire: Migrants try to reach Britain
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French government is facing far not an enviable situation this year. It has to suppress demonstrators and migrants instead of quiet preparations and hosting the Euro-2016 football championship.

On June 20, 300 migrants blocked the road to the port of Calais trying to get into trucks and threw stones at other vehicles. Police had to use tear gas against the crowd. Several security officers were injured. They had to close the port and to reinforce it with barriers to prevent angry migrants from getting into ships and reaching the shores of Britain.

British government in its turn also takes additional measures to protect its territory. The Eurotunnel was equipped with additional security cameras and fences. Furthermore, they increased the number of securities there.

It becomes more and more clear that the problem of migrants is gaining more and more speed and requires drastic and urgent solutions.

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