Tuesday, June 21 2016 22:10 EEST
Putin caught NATO unawares – former Secretary General
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In 2014, European countries could not prevent Russian annexation of Crimea and stop the outbreak of armed conflict in the Donbass. The Kremlin’s 'hybrid war' turned out to be unpredictable for NATO.

This was stated by NATO’s former Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. According to him, it was impossible to prevent Russia's plans to annex the peninsula. The alliance viewed Moscow as its partner.

'Russia has started a 'hybrid war' involving ordinary military actions, green men’s activities and combination of information and disinformation campaigns. We were caught unaware with these events. I don’t think we could do more, or do something in a different way,' Rasmussen claimed.

NATO had to adapt to new conditions due to the Kremlin’s unpredictability.

NATO has started to strengthen eastern borders in Europe. It’s sending the troops, increasing the presence of techniques in the Baltic States and Poland, developing mechanisms to resist Russia’s propaganda.

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