Tuesday, June 21 2016 20:00 EEST
Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin began his visit to the United States
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Borys Lozhkin shared with Ms Ryan an update on the opening of first Academy of Leadership in Kyiv, as well as our plans to open academies in all regions of Ukraine.

Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine begun his visit to the USA with a visit of a White House. 
Boris Lozhkin shared on Facebook: 'Before a working meeting, President Obama's Chief of Staff kindly showed us the building where for the past couple of centuries US and global history has been making. For example, he showed the piece of art that demonstrates the US way to the West. It is remarkable that an artist has worked on this piece for quite some time from his early adolescence. Hence the figure that can be seen in the right corner of the painting was painted with a less skilled stroke of a brush, but more details and colors come up with the move leftward - towards the West – as the artist gaining his experience. This piece of art resembles the Ukrainian way: from the first steps to more and more confident accomplishments of our reforms. And we still have a long way to go.'

After the working meeting Borys Lozhkin added: 'I have found a lot of similarities to my daily operation in the work of my colleague - Chief of Staff to the President of the United States of America Denis McDonough. For example, in coordinating of the interaction and attention of the President to critical society's well being government agencies, as well as productively working with Congress. During the meeting we talked about our accomplishments in last two years, and what we had not done yet. President Obama's Chief-of-Staff is well informed in and highly regards the reforms progress in Ukraine. Also I have informed about the real work of Ukraine anti-corruption institutions. Chief-of-Staff stressed the US government's commitment to support European integration of Ukraine as well as to importance of peaceful resolution of the Russia's aggression against Ukraine in the East of the country in the framework of Minsk agreement and support of achieving results in key negotiations for Ukraine.'

Also he had a meeting with the assistant secretary Evan Rayan who is responsible for culture and education. Ms Ryan was very impressed by Go Global campaign on promoting English language education in Ukraine and confirmed the commitment to support this program further. Boris Lozhkin has invited Ms Ryan to meet with the students and give a speech on her next visit to Ukraine. The sides have also agreed to further promote the initiative of President Poroshenko on bringing in Ukraine over for practical training students from Yale, Harvard and Columbia University. They also discussed the possibility of organizing a tour of the Eurovision winner Jamala in the USA.

After an inspiring speech of US President Barack Obama, Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin have met with the US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker at the conference, and had a chance together with her first deputy Bruce Andrews to take a look at the exhibits promoting fdi from all US states. Borys Lozhkin convinced: 'We need our own SelectUkraine - something I would like to work on as soon as I am back to Ukraine'.

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