Tuesday, June 21 2016 16:13 EEST
U.S. Lieutenant General William 'Jerry': '‎Obama‬ administration decided they would redact the 911 transcripts from the ‪Orlando shooting‬ terrorist'
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But then they reversed that decision only after public outrage should tell you everything about how disconnected they are from the threat this nation faces.

Lieutenant General William 'Jerry' shared on  Facebook:

'To attempt to fight this battle and never once acknowledge the enemy is one thing. But to STRIP the very words of the shooter away should outrage us. Share those words and remove any doubt of what we are facing. Hide them, though, to what end? This is the truly troublesome and frightening issue this fiasco raises.

The FBI relented and released a statement saying the redactions had 'caused unnecessary distraction'' from the work of law enforcement authorities. (Via USA TODAY).

The White House claims all decisions on this redaction attempt were made by the Justice Department. Which is laughable because FBI agents will tell you they wish they could put MORE information about the terrorists they are hunting out into the world. They are handcuffed repeatedly by this administration, it's PC guidelines, and policies influenced by ‪‎CAIR‬and other groups that are puppets for the ‪‎Muslim Brotherhood‬.

I think the most maddening and frightening part of this story is that the administration made this decision and went to bed thinking it was right. They didn't wake up in the morning with regret or recrimination that they made a bad decision; They redacted the transcripts and put head to pillow,confident they had made the right decision. Only when they woke up in the morning to the storm of public and political outrage did they reverse course. It's the old adage: are you sorry because you're sorry, or because you got caught?

They got caught and their apologies are as false as the five year old who is caught with their hand in the cookie jar.'

In addition, an American politician Tom Cotton said: 'President Obama and Senate Democrats should develop a real national security strategy to fight and defeat ISIS overseas and to protect Arkansans and Americans from the barbaric ideology of radical Islamic extremists.' 

He also added that since September 11th, yet Senate Democrats seem more interested in political games than protecting American national security. 'The bills they put forward would have done nothing to prevent the Orlando terrorist attack. And they would do nothing to deter those planning future attacks against the United States.'

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